Greater Columbia, Chapin, Irmo, Lexington and Lake Murray.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

South Carolina is a NICE Place to Live!

NICEST place to live?   May just be SOUTH CAROLINA.

A nice place to live?  South Carolina.  A rude place to live?  Ohio.   Marchex, an advertising technology company, conducted a survey of over 1/2 million phone calls to various customer service numbers.   Highlights and the lows:

South Carolina is #1 in courtesy (lots of "Thank you" and "Please")
Ohio is #1 in "Most Likely to Curse" AND #5 in "Least Courteous"

My unscientific BEST and WORST places to live based upon my analysis of this study:
BEST: South Carolina
Other nice places: Arizona, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia.
Other crude places: New Jersey, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Tennnessee

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Lake Murray Sunset - Photo by Mel Coker

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