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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Coker family

Merry Christmas from the Coker family in Columbia, South Carolina! We have had a very nice holiday season and the past 4 days have been spent in Myrtle Beach with our daughter Kelly's basketball tournament in North Myrtle Beach.

I personally feel blessed to have been raised by a family that allowed me to know the real meaning of Christmas - the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The other celebrations of the Christmas season are also special... time with family and friends, church celebrations, Christmas trees, Santa Claus and gift giving.

Speaking of Christmas season gift giving, I have chosen a special Columbia area charity for my personal special Christmas giving gift this year. I have sent a $100 donation to the Oliver Gospel Mission in Columbia.

Oliver Gospel Mission seeks to rescue broken men from those things that hold them in bondage and to rebuild them so that they can live fulfilled (Christ-centered), functioning (responsible), and fruitful (influential) lives. This vision is a reality through our two distinct ministries – the first being our ministry to the Community Homeless of Columbia, South Carolina and the second being our Christian Life Development addiction recovery program.

I encourage you to read about the Oliver Gospel Mission and make a Christmas season gift donation or to pick another worthwhile charity to make a donation in this Christmas season. I especially like the Oliver Gospel Mission's purpose in transforming broken men's lives through the gospel message of Christ.

Merry Christmas!

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