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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Col. Charles Murray - World War II Hero Dies in Columbia

Col. Charles P. Murray Jr., who received the Medal of Honor, three Silver Stars, two Bronze Stars and the French Legion of Honor for valor in World War II, passed away at his Columbia home  last Friday, August 12th.  He was 89.   Col. Murray will be buired at Arlington National Cemetery.

Col. Charles P. Murray
Along with Audie Murphy, with whom he served, Murray was one of the most decorated soldiers in the most decorated division in the U.S. Army.

Near Kayersberg, France in December 1944, his battalion was pinned down on a ridge under heavy fire by 200 well-entrenched Germans. Murray, using a variety of weapons, killed 20 enemy soldiers and captured 10 more, single-handedly driving the Germans from the position.  At the end of his assault, a German grenade riddled him with shrapnel, wounding him in eight places. He spent only four days in an aid station before "borrowing" a uniform and returning to his unit.   For his heoric service, Col. Murray was awarded the Medal of Honor.

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The Army colonel went on to serve in wars in Korea and Vietnam.  In 1970, he came to Columbia to serve at Fort Jackson and retired a quiet hero.

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The Congressional Medal of Honor Society Museum is located in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina on the hangar deck of the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point.   I have visited previously... please try to visit soon!
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Mel & Barbara Visiting USS Yorktown and Congressional Medal of Honor Society Museum

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