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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Better Home Page?

What is your home page?  How much really useful info is there?

(the default page that comes up when you start your Internet browser)
It's probably set to the default that your web browser wants you to see.
 Here is a link to the Mel Coker Home Page

I created my own "home page" in the early days of the Internet... way back on September 24, 1995!  It's still out there, but, much improved over the years.  I have all of the best and coolest links for you.  Make my home page YOUR HOME PAGE!

What's on the Mel Coker home page? 
  • links to MY websites, including Columbia real estate, Columbia websites, and Lake Murray websites
  • Google and other search engine inquiry boxes (Wikipedia, BING, Yahoo)
  • The best links for news, weather, sports, financial, investing, travel, health, fitness and much more
  • Direct link to Amazon for the best in Internet Shopping
 Just today, I added a new category: Retirement  - since I am getting  really close to retirement, I've found some really great websites.  These links are great for everyone wanting to plan and anticipate for retirement.

There are more really cool links, especially for computers: links for cleaning and making your PC faster, OpenOffice, DropBox, anti-virus, and more.  Almost all of these great services are FREE!

So, I invite you to make MY homepage YOUR homepage.
CLICK HERE for Mel Coker's Home Page
(if you like it, you can click on the PLUS ONE on the webpage!)

Below is a partial view of the Mel Coker Home Page

Mel Coker's Home Page (partial)


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