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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

South Carolina's Highest Mountain?

Quickie TEST...
Highest point in South Carolina?

It's Sassafras Mountain at 3,553 feet elevation in Pickens County in the Northwest corner of South Carolina (and on the border with North Carolina).  I've been up on the summit many years ago.

Now, the S. C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR), along with other public and private groups, is working to protect and improve access on the mountain.  Recently, the access road has been improved and an observation platform added.  Soon, other improvements will feature new trails, including a barrier-free section, and other public-use facilities such as restrooms.

But, the biggest news... a unique observation tower on the summit is proposed with architectural and engineering work later this year and construction beginning in 2014 if fundraising proceeds on time.  The observation tower will give visitors a 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and even Tennessee.  The project will be privately funded and donations are needed.

MORE INFORMATION on the Sassafras Mountain Improvement Project.
Donate at least $100 and a brick paver will be placed at the site in your name.  I've made my donation today.  And, you can make your donation by clicking here.

More Sassafras Mountain Information:
Wikipedia   |  |   Improvement Project Announcement

Help build this with your donation - click on the link above.

(images used with written permission of S.C. DNR)

Mel Coker


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