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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

South Carolina's Military Bases

The Miltary has a very strong & beneficial presence in South Carolina...

The State of South Carolina has a long and significant military tradition from the Revolutinary War to the present war on terror. Our state also has a signifcant presence of military bases which provides a strong economic impact for the state and local communities. Many military retirees also choose to live in South Carolina for retirement. In fact, per capita, South Carolina has more military retirees living in our state than any other state in the United States!

In South Carolina, we have the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and a Joint National Guard Base. Did you know?
  • A total of $7.3 billion in sales accrues annually to South Carolina businesses because of the military’s overall presence in the state
  • Across South Carolina, a total of nearly 142,000 jobs are directly or indirectly supported by the presence of the military (or, approximately 8% of total employment in SC)

I have created a "Military Bases in South Carolina" web page at my Columbia "A to Z" website. CLICK HERE to visit this webpage and to learn about each military base/depot in South Carolina.

Also on this web page are summaries and links for several excellent miliatry museums in South Carolina including: Patriot's Point in Charleston, Medal of Honor Museum at Patriot's Point and the South Carolina Relic Room and Military Museum in Columbia. I highly recommend all of these fine museums!

Mel Coker's "Military Bases in South Carolina" website

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