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Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Resolutions for your Home

New Year's Resolutions For Your Home???
Recently, I did my 2009 New Year's blog. Of course, most personal New Year's resolutions revolve around issues like losing weight, better fitness, better financial management and so forth. I decided it was a good time to create a website for New Year's resolutions for your home! Implement some or all and you will have a happier, safer and more valuable home.

View my web page for all 9 tips with more detail, including important safety tips and reminders and coupons.

  1. Home Safety
  2. Pratice Home Fire Safety
  3. Check for Radon if Necessary
  4. Check Water Quality
  5. Change Light Bulbs
  6. Improve Energy Efficiency
  7. Update / Renovate / Redecorate
  8. Change HVAC filters
  9. Improve the Outside

Read the web page and you will learn: the leading cause of deaths in a home, when and how to check water quality, easy ways to save energy, the value of landscaping to your home's value, how to get a Lowe's discount coupon and much more.

CLICK HERE to view Mel's New Year's Resolutions for Your Home webpage

Coming soon... a report on Columbia real estate in 2008.

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