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Monday, October 19, 2009


Mel's Top Ten iPhone Apps

I've finally gotten into smartphone technology!  After some investigation, I bought an iPhone 3Gs a few weeks ago.  It's an AWESOME phone!  How did I live without it?

Over the past few weeks I've discovered a number of really cool and useful iPhone apps.  Many were found on various lists of Best iPhone apps.  So, here is my list of BEST FREE iPHONE APPS.

  1. Google Mobile - Search Google, Gmail, GOOG-411, and much more.
  2. Google Earth - on your iPhone fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain & more.
  3. Pandora - personalized radio playing only the music you like.
  4. TripIt - start with a free account at and your travels are pushed to your iPhone.
  5. AccuWeather - The best weather online now on the iPhone.
  6. Yelp - Connect easily with local businesses - read reviews and make your own reviews.
  7. USA Today - lastest news, sports, financial, weather and more.
  8. Zillow - real estate tools and information with a GPS assist.
  9. SaveBenjis - check your iPhone before you buy to get the best deal. (oops... it's 99 cents!)
  10. WebMD - check your symptoms, treatment information, first aid essentials and more. 
Mel Coker

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