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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Zillow... Good Stuff, but be careful with some of the data.
I am listed as a featured Realtor at Zillow. is an online real estate service that provides valuable tools and information.  Just be careful with how you view and use the information. 

It is good for overall market conditions reports to a degree.  And, they have their Zestimate feature where you enter your home address and based on a number of factors, Zillow comes up with a market price for your home.  Of course, they have never seen your home or condition and can't take into consideration many other home/market factors.  It's just a starting point.  When you're really ready to sell, contact Mel Coker.  Also, they have available a really cool app for iPhones.

I have just analyzed three current listings of mine to check actual asking price to Zestimate.  One was very slightly under the current asking price; one was slightly over the current asking price and one listing had a Zillow Zestimate under about 23% (this was a really bad price estimate evaluation).  Anyway, it's information. 

Try your home address on Zillow (just type it in the box at the top of the page, then click on "See Home Info" and then scroll down to Zestimate.)

I also feature all of my listings on Zillow:

Mel Coker on Zillow

Zillow Real Estate Fanatic

Mel Coker

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