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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HouseLogic: New Website for Your Home

HouseLogic: Information and Tools to Protect, Maintain and Increase the Value of Your Home

I have a new relationship through the National Association of Realtors (NAR) that allows me to bring new content to my blog and website. This content is from the NEW website. Periodically, I will post new content to my blog. The material offers information related to appliances, home maintenance, kitchens, remodeling projects, mortgage and much more. You can visit the website and sign up for a free HouseLogic account with access to your own electronic binder.

Serviceman tuning up furnace in home

Essential Heating System Maintenance

Getting your home’s heating system professionally serviced every year will keep it running smoothly and help keep heating costs under control. Read

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Save Money With an Insulation Upgrade

Beefing up inadequate insulation is one of the quickest energy-payback projects you can do, resulting in lower heating and cooling bills and increased comfort. Read

Exterior of house showing chimney

Chimney Maintenance for Warmth and Safety

Chimney maintenance and a fireplace inspection can make the difference between warm safety and drafty danger. Read

Power washing a home's exterior is tricky

Cleaning and Caring for Siding

The annual cleaning and repair of your home’s siding will pay off in a long life and increased value. Read

Man conducting his own home energy audit

Conduct Your Own Energy Audit

A do-it-yourself energy audit can teach you how to be more energy efficient and make you a more-educated consumer should you decide to hire an expert. Read

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Laurie Bryan said...

Hi Mel this is Laurie from HouseLogic. The site looks great.