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Saturday, January 15, 2011

QR codes - Columbia, SC Real Estate

QR Codes Used by Mel Coker in Columbia, SC
I first started using QR codes in early 2010 for my real estate marketing.   As far as I can determine, I was the first Realtor in Columbia to use QR code marketing (actually, I don't know of anyone even currently using this).

What is a QR code?
QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are 2-dimensional bar codes that have actually been around since 1994. They have widely used throughout Japan and in parts of Europe. With the increased adoption of mobile phones, they are increasing in popularity in the United States.
QR Readers:  Search on your mobile device for "QR Reader"
To the right is an example of a new QR code I just created with my picture embedded!   Scan it with your mobile device and a QR reader:
Get your QR scanner now.  Next week, I'll post a QR code that directs you to a webpage giving you a FREE surprise (Lexington, Newberry, Saluda, Kershaw and Richland counties only)!
Now, here here are QR codes for a NEW Lake Murray waterfront home listing - both home info & Google Map info:

Scan for Mel's Virtual Tour Website
 for 130 Heavens Edge Court

Scan for Home Location on
Google Maps

Finally, the marketing brochure I create highlights home features with QR codes incorporated.  Someone driving by the home, gets my maketing piece from the brochure box, scans with a QR reader on their mobile device, and instantly on their mobile phone have access to complete information about the home!   Cool.

Listing Brochure by Mel Coker
with QR codes

Considering SELLING your home?  Call Mel Coker to get the MOST in creative marketing!

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