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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Start a NEW Neighborhood!

I started a new neighborhood this past week and you can too!   I started an online virtual neighborhood for the area where we live.  It's a new internet technology available at .   Unfortunately, you can't visit my neighborhood because it's private and only available by invitation to those that acutally live in the neighborhood that I defined by property boundaries.

Want to be civic minded and a "good neighbor"?  Start your own neighborhood for your subdivision or neighborhood area.  It's easy.  I did it this week and got the word out by distributing flyers (available through the website), sending emails to folks I already knew and mailing a few postcards.  The whole thing is FREE and there are free resources to help you get started.  It will take time to build up the neighborhood, but, the first step is to just get started.

Here is an aerial view of my new neighborhood and color representations of those that have registered:

My "" Virtual Neighborhood near Chapin, SC

Watch the video that explains

There are 105 homes in our neighborhood and already I've seen at least two examples of people communicating and discovering new friends just down the street or across a lake cove as neighbors.  At a minimum, this is a great neighborhood directory, but it can be much more: post service/business recommendations, post news/events and post items for sale or give-away, etc.

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