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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 31st - Change Your HVAC Filter Day!

Today is... Change Your HVAC Filter Day!
When is the last time you changed your HVAC filter(s)?

How's the air in YOUR home?
Research has found that in homes across America, the quality of indoor air can be worse than outdoor air. Problems can arise from moisture, insects, pets, appliances, radon, materials used in household products and furnishings, smoke, and other sources. Effects range from minor annoyances to major health risks. Remedies include ventilation, cleaning, moisture control, inspections, and following manufacturers' directions when using appliances and products.
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Changing AC & furnace air filters in your home is probably the easiest and most effective way to have clean air in your home. I see way too many dirty air filters in homes that I show to prospective home buyers. In fact, my guess is that of the filters that I can easily see, more than 50% are too dirty or extremely dirty. I sold a home recently and I know that the homeowner had not changed the filter in over a year or possibly at all during her 2 years of ownership.

I highly recommend buying premium filters. Basic and inexpensive fiberglass filters should be changed every 1-2 months and premium filters can usually be changed every 3 months. Do you know your filter size(s) and when was the last time you changed your filter?
Changing filters on a quarterly basis is easy to remember... Do it TODAY (March 31st) and again on June 30th and September 30th and December 31st.

Dirty Filters I've seen lately (I see plenty of this!)

The Coker's Change Filters Quarterly!

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